Crayfish Plague on the River Ure

Crayfish Plague Outbreak on River Ure.

Crayfish Plague has been identified on the River Ure. It is imperative that we prevent further spread of the disease which affects native crayfish but not the introduced signal crayfish. Priority is to stop this disease spreading to other catchments, key to this is ensuring that we all follow good biosecurity principles. If you are visiting the area, please follow this biosecurity guidance.

  • Do not use the same equipment or footwear in another stream without treatment
  • Following your visit clean off any mud or vegetation and remove any standing water from your equipment, preferably with hot water
  • Either thoroughly dry the equipment, preferably in sunlight making sure all nooks and crannies are dry for at least 48 hours; or
  • Treat with a iodine based disinfectant capable of killing fungal spores, such as Virkon Aquatic S.