Buy an Extra Rod Permit

Our Fishing Regulations state that Members are only allowed to fish with one rod and line on all our Waters. However, you can fish with two rods if you buy an Extra Rod Permit at a cost of £10.00 per year.

Two rods may only be used:
– all year round at Staveley large lake and Shipton lake
– between 16 June and the following 14 March (the Coarse fishing season) on all BCAA rivers and canal fisheries, except

  • Gargrave/Broughton (River Aire)
  • River Wharfe, and
  • Worton and Aysgarth (River Ure).

You must use both rods in one swim and also hold a current Environment Agency Licence.

You can buy an Extra Rod permit:

  • from the Online Shop
  • by post from the Membership Secretary. Please send your details and a cheque for £10.00, plus 60p postage – see contact details here;
  • by using an Application Form, and sending it to the address at the bottom of the form; or
  • by buying it from any of our Agents (see our Agents’ details here).