Membership Costs


It is much cheaper than you may think to join Bradford City Angling Association, given the number and the quality of the Waters we have. We try to keep costs down so that everyone can afford to fish our waters – just see below how little it costs to join us!!

If you are aged 18 or more, and were not a member of BCAA in 2017, we will ask you to pay a small joining fee of £15.00. You will also be asked to pay a joining fee if you were a BCAA member in 2017 but do not renew your membership for 2018 by 31 March.
Membership runs from 1 January to 31 December each year. In 2018 the cost of membership is:

Adult: Men and women (aged 18-64 incl) £40.00
Part Year Adult: All Members (no Concessions) – valid from 1 September to 31 December only, including the joining fee of £15.00 £35.00
Concessionary: Men and women aged 65 or over; individuals with a Disability £25.00
Junior : Juniors (aged 17 or under) £5.00
Under 12: One child aged 11 or under can be added free of charge to a parent’s or a grandparent’s Membership Yearbook. To obtain an under 12 permit you need to contact the Membership Secretary and provide the name and date of birth of the child to be added. Free
Social: An Adult or Concessionary Member can apply for Social Membership of BCAA for another named person. This allows the Social Member to accompany the Adult or Concessionary member when they go fishing, though the Social Member cannot fish and enjoys no other privileges of BCAA membership. Free
Joining Fee For all members, except Juniors, who were not members in 2017 or who renew membership on or after 1st April 2018 £15.00

You can Join BCAA via the Online Shop or by using an Application Form.

We also sell a number of other items and permits to make your fishing more enjoyable and easier to access. Click on the links below for further details, and to buy these items.

Second Rod Permit : Annual permit for member to fish with two rods on any water where rules allow. £10.00
Map Books: Detailed (A5) colour map book, showing each club water, access points and limits. £5.00
Keys : Members require a key to gain access to Shipton, Staveley, Oakworth and Roecliffe Bottom fisheries, and the gate to the water upstream of Inghey Bridge on the Gargrave to Broughton section of the River Aire.

The same key fits all padlocks on BCAA fisheries.

Guest Permit: Allows a member to take a guest for a day’s fishing on any or all of our waters. £8.00 per day
Night Permit: Permits a member to night-fish Shipton or Staveley large lake for one night. £5.00 per night
Season night permit: Permits a member to night-fish both Shipton AND Staveley Large Lakes throughout the season. All proceeds will be used to purchase stock for these waters. £50.00
Day permit: We do not sell Day Tickets or Permits for any of our fisheries. However, BCAA members may take a Guest for a day, by using the Guest Permit facility detailed above.