Woodhall Lake, Stanningley

Pictures: Jim Munden
After detailed consideration, BCAA has decided to give up its lease of the fishing at Woodhall Lake at the end of 2018. BCAA members therefore have no rights to fish the lake after 31 December 2018.

Our internal review found a number of issues. Funding has not become available to restore the lake – draining, silt removal, cutting back of invasive reeds and willow, and replacement of resident parasitised fish populations. Very few anglers fish the water or have caught fish, we have had uncontrollable poaching issues, fish are in poor condition, whilst anglers have said they feel unsafe and seen their fishing interrupted by dogs being walked in the park. We therefore decided that having the lake in our portfolio does not bring any benefit to members, and hence to give up the lease.

Due to a reported outbreak of KHV in Bradford, we ask all anglers to stop using keepnets on all BCAA stillwaters until further notice. Please also ensure that all other tackle, nets, mats etc. are 100% dry before entering BCAA fisheries. Further updates will be posted when known.

See Map below and/or Map Book page 23a – Buy a Map Book

Woodhall is a small lake on the boundaries of Leeds and Bradford, which BCAA leases from Leeds City Council. The lake contains a mix of species, including some carp and pike, but we do not yet have any certain information. If you can help us, then many thanks!

BCAA is working with Leeds Council and other partners on a grant bid for funding for significant works to restore the lake in the medium term. Existing intentions are that this will include de-silting, partial cut-back of the willows and reeds, and the addition of crucian carp and other species.

Anglers should note that Woodhall will continue to be a public park and open to public access. Anglers’ behaviour must therefore be impeccable so that it does not harm BCAA’s reputation or result in loss of the lease. In particular, do not leave any litter or discarded line or other tackle. If anglers experience any problems from other park users, then please alert the Committee so that Leeds Council can be informed.

Rules applying on this fishery are:

  1. One rod only may be used at a time.
  2. Only lead-free and non-toxic weights and shot are allowed.
  3. No spinning.
  4. No keep nets.
  5. No night fishing.
  6. No fishing from islands or boardwalks.
  7. Anglers with a disability have priority use of the dedicated platform.
  8. All other coarse fishing season rules apply, per the current yearbook.


The nearest postcode for SatNavs is LS28 7TT.

This fishery lies on the western side of Woodhall Lane, Stanningley, which runs from Calverley to Bradford Road (from the A6120 Ring Road to Bradford City Centre).

From the A6120, turn onto Bradford Road towards the city centre and at the first traffic lights take the left lane, to turn right down the side of the Army Barracks along Woodhall Lane. The lake is on the right about 350m from the junction. Alternatively, the lake is on the left as you come up Woodhall Lane from Calverley, 350m before the junction with Bradford Road. Park on the roadside at the entrance to the park.