On this page are some Frequently Asked Questions about Bradford City AA and the fishing it offers Members and their Guests. Click on the question to go straight to the answer.


What kinds of fishing does BCAA have, and where can I fish?

We have fishing at 24 separate locations on the Rivers Swale, Ure, Wharfe, Aire and Ribble. There is also fishing on Cod Beck, on 5 lakes and reservoirs and on the Leeds-Liverpool canal. These waters hold many different varieties of coarse fish, as well as trout, grayling and salmon.

Our fishing is situated all over East, West and North Yorkshire – click here for a full list of all our Waters


Who can join BCAA? Are you accepting new members at the moment?

Anyone is welcome to join BCAA. We currently have plenty of vacancies for membership. You can Join BCAA here.


How much does it cost to join BCAA?

Much less than you might think, given the numbers of Waters we have. We try to keep costs down so that everyone can afford to fish our waters. BCAA membership provides some of the best value fishing anywhere. Here are full details of membership subscriptions.

If you are aged 17 or more, and were not a member of BCAA last year, we will ask you to pay a small joining fee of £15.00. You will also be asked to pay a joining fee if you were a BCAA member last year but did not renew your membership by 31 March this year.

Membership runs from 1 January to 31 December each year.


Are there any reductions for anglers with a disability, or if I want to fish for only part of a year?

Yes. We offer a discount to members with a disability, and for members wishing to join after 1st September – see below:

Anglers with a disability – Anglers with a disability can obtain membership at the Concessionary rate (£27), though the normal joining fee rules apply. Both new members, and existing members looking to renew their membership, can obtain membership either from the Membership Secretary or can buy it via the online shop.

Part-year membership – you can join from 1 September to 31 December for half the usual Adult membership cost. However, a joining fee of £15 will also apply, both for new members and previous members, which can be carried over to the following year as long as membership is renewed by 31 March.

Applications can be made using the Application Form or via the online shop.


How do I join BCAA, renew my Membership or buy a Map Book?

It’s easy. You can join BCAA or renew membership of BCAA through our Online Shop, by post, or through one of our Agents.

Existing members can renew their membership by one of several routes:

  • via the Online Shop
  • by post, using the form in the back of their year book and sending it BEFORE 31 MARCH 2019 with a normal 1st or 2nd class stamp and a cheque or postal order for the correct amount to the Membership Office. Cheques and Postal Orders should be made payable to “Bradford City AA”.
  • by post, using the Application Form and following the instructions at the bottom of the form.
  • at one of our Agents

New members can join BCAA


What else can I buy from BCAA?

We also sell a range of other items. Details of each can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

We do not sell day-tickets for any of our waters, though BCAA member may take a Guest fishing using a Guest Permit (see above)


Can I take someone else fishing with me?

Yes, you can. If the other person is already a Member of BCAA, or you have a Guest Permit for them, then there’s obviously no problem.

If the other person does not want to fish, then you can get a Social Member permit for them. You can find more details here.


Do you sell Day Tickets?

No we do not sell any Day Tickets to non-members of BCAA so that they can fish BCAA fisheries. However, BCAA Members may take a Guest onto our fisheries for a day by purchasing a Guest Permit.


Who do I ask if I have any other questions about Membership?

If you need further help or advice, please call the Membership Secretary – see contact details here.