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We sell various other permits and items to help you and your family enjoy your fishing even more. More details about all of them are shown below.

You can buy all these items by:
– Using the Online Shop, and paying by credit card, debit card or PayPal
– Buying by post from the Membership Secretary (see his contact details here)
– Visiting a BCAA Agent (though we advise ringing them first to see if they sell the item you want)

What we sell (click on the links below for more details):

Membership Adult, Concessionary and Junior Membership. Please click the link to the left for full details. Various
Second Rod Permit : Only required by a Junior member if they wish to fish two rods, when allowed by individual fishery rules. An annual second rod permit costs £10 and can only be obtained from the General Secretary – see his contact details here.

For safety reasons, BCAA requires all anglers under the age of 12 years to be accompanied by a responsible adult in the same peg.

Use of a second rod is included in Adult and Concessionary memberships without extra charge.

Map Books: Detailed (A5) colour map book, showing each club water, access points and limits. £5.00
Keys : Members require a key to gain access to Shipton, Staveley, Oakworth and Roecliffe Bottom fisheries.  A key is also required to access the fishing upstream of Inghey Bridge on the Broughton to Gargrave stretch of the River Aire. £1.75
Guest Permit: Allows a member to take a guest for a day’s fishing on any or all of our waters. £8.00 per day
Night Permits: We offer Permits for night fishing Staveley large lake or Shipton Lake at a cost of £6.00 per night, or a Night Season Permit at £50.00, to fish BOTH Waters for the whole year. All Night Permits are available from the Online Shop.

You can only buy a Night permit if you are already a Member of Bradford City AA – but if you are not already a Member, you can Join BCAA Here.

Permits cost £6.00 per night.  Please contact either Terry Duncalf or Mike Briggs (Shipton) or James Lynch (Staveley Lake) before ordering to ascertain that spaces are available.

Any angler buying 12 night permits is entitled to a free annual permit for the rest of the year.

All night permits must be booked at least one day in advance, and it is up to the angler to make contact before they go fishing.



A permit is available for BCAA members to take guests fishing with up to two rods for a 24 hour period from noon to noon. The permit costs £10 and includes night fishing. The BCAA member must hold the required night permit and is at all times responsible for the actions of the guest. The permit is available through the online shop and members should contact either Terry Duncalf or Mike Briggs (Shipton) or James Lynch (Staveley Lake) to ascertain that spaces are available before ordering.


We also sell Annual Night Fishing Permits which cover BOTH Staveley large lake AND Shipton Lake.

An annual permit costs £50 for the year from 1 January to 31 December, and covers BOTH waters. It can be obtained only from the Online Shop or from the General Secretary, Mike Briggs – see contact details below. Please send a Stamped Addressed Envelope with your application (please allow 7 days for reply) and in a covering letter please state:

  • your name;
  • your BCAA Membership number (you can find this in the back of your Year Book);
  • enclose a cheque or Postal Order for the correct amount (£50.00 for each permit), payable to “Bradford City Angling Association”.

Please note that Annual permit holders should ring either Terry Duncalf or Mike Briggs (Shipton) or James Lynch (Staveley) – see contact details – before going fishing, to make sure that spaces are available, and to avoid a wasted journey.


There are no toilet facilities at either Shipton or Staveley and anglers should therefore plan accordingly, especially when intending to night fish. If soiling of the grounds surrounding this fishery becomes a problem, then Night Permits may be withdrawn.

£5.00 per


















£10 per night












£50 per night




Season night permit: Permits a member to night-fish both Shipton AND Staveley Large Lakes throughout the season. All proceeds will be used to purchase stock for these waters. £50.00
Day permit We do not sell Day Tickets or Permits for any of our fisheries. However, BCAA members may take a Guest for a day, by using the Guest Permit facility detailed above.
Under-12 Membership We no longer issue an Under-12 membership.  Any person aged 16 or under is eligible to apply for a Free* Junior Membership in their own name instead.  Applications should be made via the Online Shop or from the General Secretary – see his contact details. not available
Social Membership An Adult or Concessionary Member can apply for Social Membership of BCAA for another named person. This allows the Social Member to accompany the Adult or Concessionary member when they go fishing, though the Social Member cannot fish and enjoys no other privileges of BCAA membership. FREE *

* Junior and Social Memberships bought via our Online Shop are in fact charged at 1p because our payment gateway cannot handle zero-cost items.