Fishing our waters during the Covid 19 outbreak.

BCAA needs to make sure that all its members, bailiffs, their families and our farming neighbours remain safe. It is therefore every angler’s responsibility to keep to the current Government guidelines.  We have therefore give the following advice to members, to help make sure that everyone keeps safe in the long-term.  Please note that the advice may be updated as guidelines change.

Please will all BCAA members and anglers support the club and its bailiffs as follows:

  • You may fish BCAA waters from Wednesday, but be aware that it carries risks. Keep safe. You should make every effort to understand and comply with government COVID-19 guidance.
  • DO NOT LEAVE HOME if you have symptoms of COVID-19, such as a new continuous cough or a fever, or if anyone in your household has any symptoms. Get advice by dialling 111 instead.
  • It’s essential that you follow existing safe practices to prevent transferring the virus to another person. All members should:
    • Remember that all hard surfaces can be contaminated – some can hold viruses for up to 72 hours. Gates, stiles, locks and bridges are the obvious points where cross contamination could occur.
    • Use hand sanitiser or suitably strong anti-bacterial wipes after touching any hard surfaces on your way into a fishery, while you’re in a fishery, and after leaving a fishery. Please do not wear gloves, as this encourages transmission of the virus to other hard surfaces. Dispose all wipes and litter and then wash your hands immediately you return home.
    • Only fish in the same peg with family or household member.
    • Maintain a minimum 2 metres distance from any other person.
  • Please do not use a Keep Net, as recommended by the Angling Trust.
  • Don’t forget to carry photographic proof of your identity, for example a driving licence, in case EA or police need to see it.
  • Night fishing is not allowed on any of our still water or river fisheries until further notice.
  • No guest permits and day tickets will be available until further notice, to give members maximum access to BCAA fisheries.
  • Please carry all relevant permits and a current BCAA Year Book, and follow the rules for each fishery set out in the Yearbook.
  • Please also carry and be prepared to show the relevant EA fishing licence(s) or other proof(s) of purchase.
  • Please help protect bailiffs against COVID-19. Please show (do not give) your yearbook etc if asked to do so. Maintain a safe minimum 2 metres distance from them please.
  • Finally, please follow any advice from bailiffs, who are there to assist you.

Please don’t forget that anyone who decides to fish does so at their own risk. You have a duty of care to yourself and others. Before fishing, please read the Special Notice on page 1 of your Year Book.  In particular:

If you have received communication from the NHS that you are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable, you are advised to follow Shielding Guidance.  Stay at home at all times and avoid all n on-essential contact with another person.  This guidance is in place until the end of June 2020.

People who are aged 70 or over, people with liver disease, people with diabetes, pregnant women and some others are Clinically Vulnerable People.  Government guidance is that if you are a Clinically Vulnerable Person, then you should stay at home as much as possible.  If you do go fishing, you should take particular care to minimise contact with others outside of your own household.