Buy a Key


A key is required to access BCAA fisheries at Shipton Lake, Staveley Lakes , Oakworth Lakes and at Roecliffe Bottom (River Ure), as well as the gate access to the bottom end of the Gargrave beat (River Aire), upstream of Inghey Bridge.

One key fits all padlocks on BCAA fisheries (except the combination lock on the gate at Langthorpe – see here for the arrangements which apply at this fishery).

Please note that we changed the padlock during 2017 – the new padlock is recognisable by a blue cover.  We have no plans to change the padlock again in the forseeable future.

If you have not yet purchased a new key for locked BCAA fisheries, you need to do so NOW!!!

New keys are on sale at a cost of £1.75 (sometimes £2 if purchased from a BCAA Bailiff, for ease of making change), via:

  • the BCAA Online Shop, (which adds a small charge to cover P&P);
  • many of our Agents;
  • BCAA Bailiffs at Oakworth, Shipton and Staveley; or
  • direct from the Membership Secretary (please send a stamped addressed envelope) – see contact details here