River Ribble – Skirbeck Farm

Picture: Bernard Cracknell

Picture: Ashley Cook

Picture: Bernard Cracknell

See the Map below and/or Map Book page 20 – Buy a Map Book, at a cost of £5 plus postage.

The Environment Agency website details water levels at Penny Bridge (Giggleswick), 2½ miles upstream of Skirbeck. This is updated regularly.

The Fishery
This fishery is on the River Ribble, between Settle and Long Preston. It is a mixed fishery, containing coarse fish, trout, sea-trout and salmon. The river at this point is fairly wide and slow moving, through the deep meanders known locally as the Preston Deeps. This area of the river is a key holding area for salmon moving upstream.

Local Rules
1.With effect from 1st January 2018, all BCAA fisheries are Catch and Release – including Salmon and pike under 5lb.

2. A second rod may be used for pike fishing only. Only sea dead baits are allowed.

3. Juniors may only fish this fishery, if they are accompanied by an Adult Member.

4. Fishing is allowed:
– for salmon, from 1st February – 31st October, inclusive. NO FISH MAY BE TAKEN – this fishery is Catch and Release.
– for Sea Trout, from 1st April – 30 September, inclusive.
– for Coarse Fish, from 16th June – following 14th March, inclusive
– for Trout, from 15th March – 30th September, inclusive.

5. All catches of salmon and sea trout must be reported to the General Secretary, together with all details.

6. Spinning is allowed.

7. Shrimps and prawns MUST NOT be used until after 16th June.

8. Keepnets are not allowed until 16th June, when coarse fish may be retained.No grayling are to be put in keepnets.

9. No night fishing

Fishing Limits
Left Bank only – the top limit is where the Skir Beck goes under the railway line. Fishing then extends for 2,570 yards downstream, to the limit sign.

The postcode for Skirbeck Farm is BD23 4QN.

Entry and exit to/from the fishery must only be made by the gate to the car park.

Cars must always be parked in the car park, and the completed permit from page 70 of the Year Book shown on the dashboard of the car. Parking is not allowed on the main road or entry area. Anglers not parking in the car park will have their membership withdrawn.

Entry to the fishery is via the stile from the car park only. Under no circumstances should entry be made by the farmer’s gate. Do not climb any walls, but use the stiles in all cases.

Please do not cross the fields, but follow the marked paths.



(Map and key: Bernard Cracknell)