River Ure – Langthorpe & Roecliffe

PLEASE NOTE: The Highways Agency has placed a Combination Padlock on the gate to the entry of our Langthorpe fishing. The padlock code is shown on the page for the fishery, in the Members’ Yearbook. Anglers wanting to fish Langthorpe are advised to check they have their yearbook with them when they go fishing, to save a possible wasted journey.
See Map Book pages 16 and 17 – Buy a Map Book – or see Map 1 and Map 2 below.

Open for fishing from 24th March to the following 14th March.

Bradford City Angling Association has the fishing on three lengths of the River Ure at Langthorpe and Roecliffe. Click on the links below to see relevant details:

Langthorpe Length – about 2.4 km of fishing
Roecliffe Top length – about 2.1 km of fishing
Roecliffe Bottom length – about 150m of fishing

The Environment Agency provides details of water levels at Westwick Weir (about 3 miles upstream of our fisheries) and at Boroughbridge (less than 1 mile downstream), which are updated regularly on-line.

All these lengths are open for fishing from 25th March to the following 14th March. Please keep to the footpaths when accessing each length.

Langthorpe Length
See Map Book pages 16 and 17 – Buy a Map Book – or see Map 1 and Map 2 below.

This length has about 2,400 metres of fishing, on the left-hand bank of the river.

Fishing can be accessed from two points:
1. Close to the upstream limit – see Map 1: from Newby Hall main entrance, follow the signs for Brampton and Mulwith Farm (postcode HG4 5AW), and park at Brampton Hall Farm.

2. Close to the downstream limit – see Map 2: approach on Skelton Road (postcode YO51 9BZ) from Langthorpe. Just before the A168 and A1(M) overbridges, park safely on the roadside or (if you have the combination padlock code) turn left down the track to the river. Drive under the motorway and park tidily.

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Roecliffe Top Length
See Map Book page 16 – Buy a Map Book – or see Map 1 below.

This length has about 2,100 metres of fishing on the right-hand bank of the river. PLEASE NOTE: With effect from 7th May 2018, no fishing is allowed in Roecliffe Wood.

Access to the fishing is between the church and Winn’s Farm. Cars may be parked on the grass verge on the North side of the village, bounded by the road, the drive at the side of the Old Chapel Cottage (postcode YO51 9LY), the hedge and the tree enclosed in the iron protective railings. PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON ANY OTHER GRASS which forms part of the Village Green, or in the entrance to Winn’s Farm.

Upstream limit of this fishing is in Cherry Island Wood.
Downstream limit is at the upstream boundary of Roecliffe Wood.

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Roecliffe Bottom Length

See Map Book page 17 – Buy a Map Book – or see Map 2 below.

This length has about 150 metres of fishing on the right bank of the river, to the north-east of Roecliffe. Fishing is on one field ONLY, upstream of the main Caravan Park field. Anglers must not fish from any of the pontoons on the river next to the Caravan Park, due to safety reasons.

Entrance is ON FOOT ONLY through the Caravan Park (postcode YO51 9LS). Cars should be parked on Clay Pit Lane in the Industrial Estate, on the opposite side of the road from the Caravan Park.

Please note that access to this fishing is via a locked gate in the fence by the river. This can be opened by the new BCAA padlock key being introduced in January 2017. Keys will be on sale at that point. The river banks are very steep and anglers must also take great care not to touch any part of Giant Hogweed plants, which can cause severe and long-lasting burns. These plants are being treated regularly, but total eradication will take several years.

Fishing is only allowed 1 hour before sunrise (but no earlier than 8am) until 1 hour after sunset (but no later than 9pm). Upon arrival and departure, anglers must complete their details in the Guest Book, which can be found in the box outside the Campsite reception.

Caravan Club members are not allowed to fish this Water, unless they are members of BCAA.

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Map 1

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Map 2

(Maps and key: Bernard Cracknell)

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