River Ure – Lower Dunsforth

See Map Book page 18 – Buy a Map Book – or see Map below.

The Environment Agency provides on-line details of water levels at Aldwark Bridge (about 1.7 miles downstream of our fishery), which are updated regularly.

This stretch of the River Ure is open for fishing from 25th March to the following 14th March.

Fishing extends for about 800 yards on the right bank of the river only, from the downstream limit at the entry point, upstream for two fields.

Access is via Scarer’s Lane towards Lower Dunsforth Lodge (postcode YO26 9RY). At the end of the track are two gates, and a drive to the Lodge. Members should enter by the gate on the right and can then drive through the field – keep the hedge on the left and the water on the right – and park by the lower limit at the riverside.

WARNING: The access track across the field may become boggy and impassable during wet weather, and anglers should take care accordingly.


(Map and key: Bernard Cracknell adapted Jim Munden)