River Wharfe – Addingham

See Map Book page 10 – or see Map below.

BCAA now has fishing on only one length of the River Wharfe at Addingham – we gave up the second stretch when the lease ran out in April 2014. See below for details of the water – please note that this section is heavily wooded, with steep banks making access difficult and only a short stretch can be fished, and then only by wading. This length is not suitable for fly fishing.

The Water is open for fishing from 25th March to the following 14th March. No keepnets or second rods are allowed.

We are currently reviewing whether we continue to rent this fishery after 2017 and will make a final decision at the AGM in September 2017.  If any member wishes to add their views to the debate, then please make those views known to the General Secretary (see his contact details).

Right bank only
About 350 yards of fishing, downstream from the wall of the Old Rectory, about 50 yards downstream of the Suspension Bridge, to the end of the wall behind the church, as shown by Limit signs.

The only access to this length is by the gate between the Parish Hall and the church. Anglers may park on the grass in the field to the left of the Parish Hall, but the paved area round the Hall itself is reserved parking, not to be used by BCAA members. Access to this paved parking must be left clear at ALL times.


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(Map and key: Bernard Cracknell, amended Jul 2014)