River Wharfe – Burley

See Map Book page 11 – Buy a Map Book or see Map below.

The Environment Agency provides on-line details of water levels at Ilkley (about 1 mile upstream of our fishery), with regular updates.

We have fishing on the right hand bank facing downstream (see Map), at Burley

The fisheries is open for fishing from 25th March to 14th March of the following year.


The Burley fishery is on the right hand bank of the river, with fishing on about ¾ mile. The upstream limit is marked by the gardens of the properties backing onto the river, whilst the downstream limit is at the edge of the wood. No fishing is allowed within the wood.

For access – park at the western end of the layby by the side of the A65 and enter the fishing through the farm gate (marked by BCAA sign) and then follow the hedge to the river.

Please note that there is no parking or entry through Greystone Manor School, or down Leatherbank.

Anglers may use one rod only and no keepnets are allowed.

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(Map and key: Bernard Cracknell)

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