River Wharfe – Hubberholme


Pictures: Jim Munden & Steve Cheetham

It would be helpful if all BCAA members fishing this water fed back to the Membership Secretary by phone or email (contact details here) the date they fished, numbers and size of fish caught, and any other feedback they think helpful.

See Map below and/or Map Book page 8a – Buy a Map Book.

The Environment Agency provides daily updates of water levels at Kettlewell, which is the closest gauge to this fishery.

Prof Jon Grey of the Wild Trout Trust (and a BCAA General Committee member) undertook an Advisory Visit on this length in early 2017, and a copy of his AV report can be seen here.

The Fishery
This fishery is upstream of BCAA’s Buckden fishery, near to the source of the river as it winds through beautiful Upper Wharfedale. The length is largely ‘pocket’ water, with a largely pebble bottom with occasional larger boulders (see pictures). Generally quite shallow, it does have some deeper and longer pools, and is tree-lined at the downstream end of the length. Water levels are subject to rapid rises after rain, and drop quite quickly afterwards. When clear, the water carries a slight brown tinge, which is typical of the River Wharfe.

Anglers can expect to find fish feeding on a range of invertebrates, including Heptagenids (e.g. March Brown, Brook/Autumn Dun, Olive Uprights), Baetis species (e.g. olives, pale wateries), stoneflies, caddis and some BWOs.

The river fishes best when water levels are above 0.30 on the Kettlewell gauge, once any colouring has cleared. Traditional flies are suggested, with dries, north country spider patterns and nymphs highly recommended.

Fishery Rules
1. Fishing from 25th March to 30th September only (the trout fishing season).
2. Fishing is Catch and Release, using fly only.
3. Barbless or debarbed hooks only.
4. No keepnets.
5. Only one rod may be used.
6. No vehicles to be taken into fields.
7. No day tickets.


Fishing Limits

Right bank (facing downstream) – See Map below. The top limit is at Bouther Gill, where it enters the river. Anglers may then fish downstream for about 930m, as far as the start of the last field before the bridge.

Left bank (facing downstream) – See Map below. The top limit is at the wall below Rais Wood. Anglers may then fish downstream for about 1400m, but may not fish the the length bounded by the church graveyard wall.

Access – See Map below for full details
Parking in this area is limited and anglers should only park by the side of the road next to the river opposite Church Farm in Hubberholme, where they will not obstruct other road users.

Access is through field gates alongside the road to Yockenthwaite, through the railings at the side of the road immediately east of Church Farm, and from the long distance footpath starting between Hubberholme Church and Church Farm.

Please note that fields bordering this fishing will often contain lambs. Please keep to the river bank, use stiles, close all access gates and report to the General Secretary (see contact details here) any damage to walls, fences or other installations you see. Please also note that BCAA Rule 49 (2015 Yearbook) forbids anglers from taking dogs with them when fishing.