Pickering Fishery Association

See Map below and/or Map Book page 30 – Buy a Map Book

BCAA has reciprocal arrangements with the Pickering Fishery Association (PFA), which means that BCAA has two permits for BCAA members to fish the Pickering Beck and other PFA fisheries. BCAA members MUST carry the necessary PFA permits with them when they fish these waters.

These PFA waters are

  • the Pickering Beck Fishery (see Map below);
  • the Duchy Water (map being drafted); and
  • the Pexton, Papermill and Thornton Beck Fishery (map being drafted).

If you are a BCAA member you must obtain a PFA Permit BEFORE going fishing. To get a Permit, please send to the BCAA Fly Secretary (see their contact details here, or on page 3 of your BCAA yearbook):

  • a FIRST CLASS stamp;
  • details of the date you wish to fish the PFA waters (please allow at least 7 days for return of the Permit to you);
  • your name, address and telephone contact details; and
  • your BCAA receipt number (from the pink slip in the back of your yearbook);

Please note that once you have fished, you must immediately return the permit to the Fly Secretary by First Class post, so that other members may fish as soon as possible afterwards.

A map of the Pickering Beck fishery is detailed below. Maps for the other PFA fisheries will appear here in due course.