River Aire – Gargrave/Broughton

Pictures: Jim Munden

See Map below and/or Map Book page 1 – Buy a Map Book.

Mainly trout and grayling, with the very occasional pike and chub present.

4400m of good trout and grayling fishing, some double bank, fly only in the trout season (24 March to 30 September) and until the end of October. On and after 1 November, anglers may use fly or trotted worm only until the following 14 March.

The Fly Secretary has produced a Guide to the R Aire at Gargrave which maps and describes individual pools in the fishery, and provides tips and information which anglers might find useful when fishing this length.

The Environment Agency provides regular updates of water levels at Gargrave.


NOTE: The fishery will be closed for the Open Day (Sunday 2nd June 2019) and the Grayling Competition (Sunday 10th November 2019).

Please also note that the gates at Inghey Bridge, at the bottom end of the stretch, are both ow secured with a chain and padlock. Anglers will require a key (which opens all padlocks on BCAA fisheries), which can be obtained for a small charge from the online shop, agents and bailiffs.

Rules applying on this fishery are:

1. Fishing is by one rod, FLY ONLY from 25 March to 31 October each year.

2. This fishery is Catch and Release only and all fish caught must be returned to the water alive.

3. Only barbless hooks, or hooks where the barb has been crushed, may be used at this fishery at all times.

4. Worm or fly may be used for grayling fishing from 1 November to the following 14 March (inclusive), but no ledgering with worm is allowed at any time.

5. Only single hooks of size 12 or smaller are allowed. No double or treble hooks or wire traces to be used.

6. No angler may start fishing in front of an angler already fishing, without his permission.

7. Landing nets must be carried, and no keepnets may be used at any time.

8. Please keep to the river bank, use stiles, close all gates and report to the Fly Secretary any damage to walls, fences or other installations which you see.


This fishery lies on the River Aire between Broughton and Gargrave on part of both Right and Left banks, as detailed below.

Right bank (facing downstream): Top limit is about 50m above the weir at Gargrave – see limit sign. Bottom limit is at the railway bridge over the river, about 400m upstream of the A59 road bridge.

Access – EITHER park on the road by Gargrave Green, cross the river and walk down to the top limit; OR park down the lane at the side of Gargrave parish church, just before the first gate. (Please note that this second access can be very muddy and vehicles possibly be at risk from damage by livestock).

Left bank (facing downstream): Top limit is by the entry to the fishery by Highgate Farm, about 1000m downstream of the weir at Gargrave. Bottom limit is at the end of the first field downstream of the old road bridge (Inghey Bridge).

Access – park by the side of the road at Inghey Bridge (recommended); or access the fishery on foot by the track from Highgate Farm over the canal (NB no cars allowed, and no parking).

Anglers are advised that fields alongside this fishery may occasionally contain bulls with cows. Whilst bulls under these circumstances are usually not dangerous, anglers should ALWAYS BE CAREFUL and keep away from them. Members and their guests are reminded that BCAA Rule 50 forbids anglers from taking dogs with them when fishing.