River Aire – Cononley to Kildwick

See the Map below and/or Map Book page 5. You can buy a Map Book here, at a cost of £5 plus postage.

The water
Extends for about 1800m on the right hand bank only (looking downstream) of the River Aire. Top limit is about 100m downstream of Cononley Bridge. Bottom limit is at the second wall more than a mile downstream (see Map below).

The Environment Agency website details water levels at Cononley and Kildwick, and updates these regularly.

Fishery Rules
1. Fishing allowed from 25th March to the following 14th March (this Water is a mixed fishery, containing both trout and coarse fish).
2. No fishing in the first fields from the notice board from 1st May to 31st July, until the meadow grass is cut.

The Water can be accessed (see the Map below) from:
1) Cononley Bridge
2) Mr Wade’s farm, about 550m down the road from the railway crossing. There is parking for four cars in the lay-by next to the farm entrance, or else members can drive through the farm entrance towards the railway underpass and park neatly by the track on the left before the underpass. NO VEHICLES ARE TO BE TAKEN THROUGH THE UNDERPASS.
3) The footpath from Crosshills Road, across the railway line, about ½ mile south of Cononley village.


(Map and key: Bernard Cracknell)