River Aire – Kildwick to Steeton

Picture: Jim Munden See Map below and/or Map Book page 6 – Buy a Map Book

The Environment Agency website details water levels at Kildwick and Stockbridge, and is updated regularly.

This fishery contains mainly trout and grayling with perhaps the occasional chub and pike.

Open for fishing from 25th March to the following 14th March. This fishery extends for about 650m on the right hand bank ONLY (facing downstream) of the River Aire between Kildwick and Steeton.

Top limit is at Eastburn Beck.

Bottom limit at the end of the second field downstream.

Parking is available in the lay-by on the A629 (travelling in the direction of Kildwick), 150 metres to the west of the bridge over Eastburn Beck.


(Map and key: Bernard Cracknell)