Pickering Fishery Association (Reciprocal)

Pickering Fishery Association (Reciprocal)

Brief description of fishery:
BCAA has reciprocal arrangements with the Pickering Fishery Association (PFA), which means that BCAA has two permits for BCAA members to fish the Pickering Beck and other PFA fisheries. BCAA members MUST carry the necessary PFA permits with them when they fish these waters.
These PFA waters are
  • the Pickering Beck Fishery
  • the Duchy Water and
  • the Pexton, Papermill and Thornton Beck Fishery
Fishing is allowed:
25th March to 30th September
Other remarks:
If you are a BCAA member you must obtain a PFA Permit BEFORE going fishing. To get a Permit, please contact the BCAA Fly Secretary (see their contact details here, or on page 3 of your BCAA yearbook).
Special Rules for fishery:
Fly fishing only


Thornton-le-Dale, Pickering
YO18 7RX

Online Google Maps links:

PFA Pickering Beck fishery

Costa/Oxfold Becks fishery

PFA Pickering Beck, Duchy Fishery

Parking is available at various points along the Beck. Please be mindful of farm gates and driveways access and do not block access.

Water levels:
Level gauge at Ings Bridge: