Colne AC Day Tickets

BCAA does not sell any Day Tickets to non-members, except if they are being taken as a Guest by a BCAA Member.

Colne Waters AC Day Ticket

Cost: £0.00 per day

Available 1 April to 30 September each year, for BCAA members ONLY to fly-fish Colne Waters AC stillwaters at Laneshaw and Churn Clough. Members are limited to four Day Tickets in any one year.

The Day Ticket must always be bought BEFORE fishing. We cannot accept payment after the event.

To book, click the button below, login to your account and choose the date you wish to book. Once you have booked and paid, you will receive a booking confirmation email. Please ensure you take a copy of this email (or an e-copy on eg a SmartPhone) with you when you go fishing, to show to a bailiff if necessary.


  1. A Colne Waters AC Day Ticket allows a BCAA Member to fish Laneshaw Reservoir (2.5 miles west of Cowling, near Keighley) on one date only.
  2. When fishing, BCAA anglers must at all times carry, and show when asked:
    • Proof of their BCAA membership; AND
    • An e-copy or a paper copy of the confirmation email automatically sent to them when they bought the Day Ticket.
  3. All fishing by BCAA members on Colne Water AC stillwaters is by fly-fishing and Catch & Release only.
  4. On arrival at the fishery, Colne Waters AC Day Ticket holders must:
    • Partially complete a Catch Form, provided in the open box in the shelter at the fishery.
    • State the date, their name and their car registration on the Catch Form.
    • On the top of the Form, write “Rod Share BCAA” and the number of the invoice which was attached to the e-mail booking confirmation they received.
  5. On leaving the fishery, Colne Waters AC Day Ticket holders must:
    • Complete the catch form and
    • Place it into the locked post box at the fishery.
  6. The Day Ticket is NOT TRANSFERABLE to another person or another date.
  7. Anglers must observe all BCAA rules at all times. These are on the BCAA website at
  8. Anglers must observe all Colne Waters AC fishing rules at all times. These can be seen at each fishery and anglers must have read and understood them before starting to fish.
  9. No wading is allowed.
  10. All fish caught must be handled carefully and returned to the water alive – a ‘no kill’ policy is in force.
  11. No litter, including fishing line, is to be left on the banks.
  12. Please contact the BCAA Fly Secretary if you encounter any problems or to report any issues you find at the fishery.
CWAC Stillwater Day Ticket£0.00