1. That this Society be called the ‘Bradford City Angling Association’.

2. That the objects for which the Society is formed are:

(a) The promotion of good unity and fellowship amongst anglers

(b) The breeding of fish.

(c) The protection of spawning and young fish.

(d) The prevention of poaching and illegal possession of fish.

(e) Acquiring of suitable fishing waters.

(f) For taking such steps from time to time as may be necessary for the promotion of anglers’ interests.

3. Bradford City Angling Association shall exist as long as there are 50 or more members, or until an Extraordinary or Annual General Meeting agrees to disband the Association.  In the event of the Association disbanding, all assets shall be disposed of as agreed by the General Committee and all cash and other proceeds donated to properly constituted organisations and charities, to be used to further the angling and conservation of freshwater bodies and rivers, in line with the objects of the Association.

4. Membership cards are the property of the Bradford City Angling Association and must be returned to the General Secretary within seven days at the request of an official of the Association.

5. All Bradford City AA fisheries are Catch & Release..

6. The rules as set out on this webpage are the only rules of the Association, and shall be binding on all matters affecting the Association.

7. That at each Annual General Meeting a President, Chairman, up to three Vice-Chairmen, a Treasurer and Secretary shall be elected.

8. That the secretaryship of the Association be divided into four parts, viz: –

(a) A General Secretary to deal with minutes, correspondence and matters appertaining to club management.

(b) A Membership Secretary to deal with all membership matters..

(c) A Fly Fishing Secretary to be responsible for all the Association’s fly fishing arrangements.

9. Members may not hold any official position in the Association unless they have served on the General Committee for at least the previous 3 years. The only exception to this shall be where the person has the backing of at least 75% of the existing Committee.

10. That annual honorariums of £150 per annum be paid to the General Secretary; £105 per annum to the Match Secretary; £120 per annum to the Membership Secretary; £105 per annum to the Fly Fishing Secretary and £135 per annum to the Treasurer, and each to receive a Yearbook.

11. The officials together with a committee of up to 15 members shall form a General Committee with power to add to form a quorum (seven members). An official of a kindred society is not eligible for election as an official of the Association.

12. That a Fly Fishing Committee be elected at the Annual General Meeting to consist of up to 6 members and a Secretary.

13. All Sub-Committees are answerable to the General Committee.

14. That the end of the financial year shall be 31st December. That the Annual General Meeting of members (AGM) for the revision of rules, passing of resolutions and election of officers shall take place on the last Wednesday in September, and before any member can be elected into office, either he be present at the AGM, send word to the Secretary in writing, or give verbal consent to another member that he is willing to accept office. That the passing of the Report and Statement of Accounts shall take place at the following AGM.

15. That members having business to place on the agenda for the Annual General Meeting shall send written particulars of same to be in the hands of the Secretary not later than the 31st July. Copies of propositions will be sent automatically to members renewing membership through Clubmate.

16. Members shall not have more than three propositions placed on the Agenda at the AGM.

17. That on a requisition being signed by 50 members for a Special Meeting to be summoned same shall be convened within 14 days after receipt of such requisition.

18. That all elected officials and committee members shall receive free Membership.

19. Any member of any committee absenting himself from three (3) consecutive meetings without giving a reasonable excuse or explanation shall be removed from the committee concerned, and may be asked to return his Membership Card..

20. That the year of office for officials shall be from 1st January to 31st December unless they are co-opted onto the Committee during the year.

21. The General Committee shall have full power in all matters to deal with club business not provided for in the rules, and also to alter, rescind or implement new rules or regulations as required in the interest or well being of the Association. Any such changes to existing rules and regulations, and any new rules and regulations, may be of a temporary or emergency nature and must be put to the Association at the next AGM.

Reserve Fund

22. That there shall be up to five Trustees who shall hold office during the pleasure of the Association. Any 3 to sign documents on behalf of the Association, as agreed by the General Committee. A Trustee shall only be removed by a vote of three-fourths of the members’ votes recorded in favour of the removal at a Special General Meeting, or if absent from six consecutive committee meetings, when he shall be removed at the end of the financial year.
If a Trustee is removed and refuses or neglects to assign or transfer any property of the Association as the Committee directs, he shall (if he is a member) be expelled from the Association, and shall cease to have any claim on the Association.
In the event of a Trustee dying, resigning, or being removed from office, another Trustee shall be elected by a majority vote of the members present and entitled to vote at a Special General Meeting or an Annual General Meeting.

23. Officials of Bradford City Angling Association are authorised to raise money and mortgage the assets of the Association from time to time for the benefit of the members. The Association’s Trustees are specifically authorised to sign on behalf of the Association any necessary documents pledging the Association’s assets.

24. That the trustees for the time being do borrow from Virgin Money such sums as the Trustees shall from time to time require.

25. The Trustees shall be indemnified out of the Association’s assets against any risk of expense incurred by the pursuance of the office.

The current Trustees are:

Terry Duncalf, Tel: 07988 681654

Jim Munden, Tel: 0113 267 3478 or 07940 814431

Mike Briggs,  Tel. 07759 815202


26. The Association’s books shall be audited by two of the Association’s Trustees, who shall not be the Treasurer, Membership, Fly or Match Secretaries.

27. Annual Subscriptions are:

Adults (incl Ladies (17 to 64 incl) £49.00
Concessionary rate (ladies and men 65 & over and anglers with a disability) £33.00
Juniors (aged 16 and under) free of charge

Adult, Concessionary, Complimentary, Junior & Part Year members are allowed to fish with a second rod at no extra cost. All Junior anglers must be accompanied by an adult member who shall remain in the same swim at all times and be responsible for their actions.

A reduced rate is available for new Adult and Concessionary members covering the period from 1 September to 31 December. This is charged at 50% of the full Adult rate, plus the joining fee of £15, and is available through Clubmate.

Disabled anglers may, at the discretion of the Committee, be granted membership at the Concessionary rate, plus the £15 joining fee if not a  current Member. Applicants must be in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payments (PIP), have a similar level of disability (click here for eligibility criteria) or have a Blue Badge car parking permit. Evidence should be forwarded to the Membership Secretary BEFORE JOINING but annual renewals can be made through Clubmate or via the Membership Secretary.

A joining fee of £15.00 is payable by all new members, except Juniors, who were not members in the previous year, and by existing members who do not renew their membership by 31 March of the year immediately following their previous membership.

A Social Member category of membership is available free of charge and entitles the Social Member to access Bradford City AA waters with the stipulated full member, but does not entitle them to fish or include any other privileges. Applications should be made direct to the General Secretary or via the online shop.

Membership cards are valid from 1st January to 31st December and members must be in possession of proof of current membership and, if over 12 years old, a valid Environment Agency Licence, at all times. Club bailiffs and all other members (on production of their own EA licence and proof or membership) are authorised to check the membership, EA licence and proof of identity of any angler on BCAA waters. Failure to provide could lead to expulsion from the club.

28. Lost/damaged membership cards will not be replaced, but members may request a copy of the email confirming their membership  from the Membership Secretary.

29. Day Tickets are not issued on any of our Waters.

30. Adult and Concessionary members may purchase ‘Guest Tickets’ for all waters upon application to the General Secretary, the Membership Secretary, the Fly Secretary or the BCAA Online shop via the link on the website and the payment of £8.00 per ticket. Members taking guests are held responsible for them and their conduct and must make sure that all rules are strictly adhered to.

31. That membership of the Association shall be restricted to 4,000. After this figure is reached names will be put on a waiting list.

32. The General Committee may at any time refuse an application for or rescind a purchase of BCAA membership. It may also suspend or expel an existing member. Anyone whose membership is so affected will be told of the decision, with reasons. They can send a written appeal against the decision to the General Secretary within 14 days and this will be considered at the next General Committee meeting, to which the appellant will be invited. The decision of the meeting will be final.

33. This Rule has been deleted.

Conduct of Members

34. Members must co-operate with Bailiffs and other members in preserving private property and in addition must show their fish when asked to do so.

35. In the event of a complaint of any nature being made by a member or any of the Bailiffs, the parties concerned shall be written to for an explanation either by letter or the Committee may request their personal attendance at the next committee meeting.

36. That in the event of any member being found guilty of wilful damage to crops, fences, etc., or any unsportsmanlike conduct tending to impair the good feeling existing between anglers and the riparian owners and farmers, they shall pay an equivalent for any damage done, or have their membership suspended and be liable to expulsion. Any member so charged shall have privilege of appeal to the next committee meeting which shall have power to consider their case.

37. Any member guilty of taking, or the intention of taking, any fish from any of the Association’ waters to be expelled for a period of not less than two years.

38. Any member being found guilty of leaving litter on the banks or lighting fires may be suspended from fishing any of the Association’s waters for a period of not less than one year.

39. Any member expelled from the Association for breach of any of these rules shall have no claim against the Association for their subscription or part thereof. Members are requested to report all offenders to the General Secretary.

40. No member or guest may charge for coaching or instruction on any of the Association’s fisheries, unless agreed in advance by the General Committee


41. Entrance to, and the exit from, all waters, fisheries etc. must only to be made by the recognised gates, entrances or exits.

42. Fishing tackle is to be attended at all times whilst in the water, but tackle may be left unattended in a swim for a maximum period of up to 1 hour, at their own risk, whilst the angler leaves the fishery.

43. No fishing is permitted between one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise on our waters. (See special regulations for Staveley Large Lake, Shipton Lake and certain stretches of the River Swale). For accuracy, please check the times of sunrise and sunset on the BBC web site.

44. No member or official shall have entitlement to the following:
‘Any loss or part loss of his personal wages or salary from the Association’s funds, except when it has been previously agreed in committee prior to the day or days of loss’.

45. Should any member notify the Association of any fishing rights which should be acquired by the Association, such a member shall be given free membership for a period of time at the discretion of the Committee.

46. Outside matches are allowed on the River Aire, the bookings to appear on the web site.

47. No dogs are allowed on any of the Association’s preserves.

48. No guns or radios, music players or televisions (unless used in conjunction with personal headphones) are allowed on our waters.

49. No caravans or camping allowed.



The Classification of Fish

(a) Coarse fish are classified as ‘freshwater fish’.

(b) Salmon, sea trout and trout are classified as ‘game fish’.

1. The annual ‘close season’ for freshwater fish (coarse fish) is between 14th March and the 16th June (15th March to 15th June inclusive).

2. The close season for freshwater fish shall be dispensed with in respect of any lake, pond, reservoir or canal, excepting certain navigation canals. This means that a lake, pond, reservoir or canal may at the discretion of the owners be open for fishing for freshwater fish (coarse) all the year round as and when they wish. Keepnets may be used on those waters all year round.

3. When fishing for pike in the summer months, 1 April to 30 September, bait is restricted to lures and fly only.  However, during the winter months, 1 October to 31 March, dead bait may also be used.

4. Adult, Concessionary, Complimentary Juniors and Part Year members are allowed to fish with a second rod at no extra cost.

The two rods may be used:
a) all year round at Staveley Large Lake and Shipton Lake, and
b) between 16 June and the following 14 March (the coarse fishing season) on all rivers and canals, except where 1 rod only is stipulated in the details for each BCAA fishery.

5. No night fishing on any of the Association’s waters, except Shipton Lake and Staveley Large Lake (night permit required) and certain stretches of the River Swale where shown on the fishery page (no night permit required). The cost is either £50 for an annual permit to fish both of the lakes, or £6 per night. Any angler purchasing 12 night permits shall be entitled to a free annual permit for the rest of the year. Anyone caught night fishing without a permit will be expelled from the Association indefinitely.  PLEASE NOTE: all Junior Members who wish to night fish MUST be accompanied by either their Parent or Guardian, and the Parent or Guardian must be a Member.  If this is not possible, the Parent or Guardian must write to the General Secretary stating that they are agreeable for the Junior Member to night fish with a designated Adult Member, and provide details of the Adult Member.

6. Sunday fishing is allowed on all our waters.

7. The use of live bait (fish) is not allowed on any of our waters.

8. To protect the fish stock:

a) All flies used on Association waters must be barbless or de-barbed.

b) it is recommended that you always wet your hands when handling trout and grayling, and unhook the fish in your landing net.

9. BCAA bailiffs have the power to check anglers’ fishing tackle and offer advice where required.

10. Landing nets are to be carried at all times on all Bradford City AA waters.

11. In the interest of fish welfare and safety, the Committee recommends that:

a) Anglers use a landing net to land all species of fish caught which are over 6 inches in length;

b) Anglers do not use a keepnet, except in a ‘bona fide’ match; and

c) Coarse anglers use an unhooking mat for appropriate sizes and all species of fish brought to hand.

12. Rivers which contain only ‘freshwater fish’ (coarse fish), including grayling, are to be closed during the close season for freshwater (coarse fish) (15th March to 15th June inclusive). Rivers which contain trout (game fish) and freshwater fish (coarse) are ‘mixed’ fisheries and may be fished from the 25th March (opening of the trout season) using only fly, worm, dead minnow or artificial lure, (all except River Wharfe, Buckden and River Aire, Gargrave).

13. No person may use between the 25th March and the 15th June inclusive, in connection with fishing with rod and line, any lure or bait including hook bait, groundbait, or loose feed other than fly, minnow, worm or artificial lure, without the written authority of the Environment Agency.

14. No keepnets on rivers between the 25th March and the 15th June inclusive.

15. Although a ‘freshwater fish’, grayling must not be kept in keep nets unless caught in a bona fide match.

16. Certain baits and practices may not be approved by BCAA and can be banned by them but BCAA does not have the power to override the Environment Agency and permit baits banned by them.

17. Members are allowed to night fish certain stretches of the River Swale, only as shown on the River Swale website page. No additional night permit is required.


The annual season for coarse fish opens on 16th June and closes on 14th March inclusive.

1. Keepnets may be used on all our enclosed coarse fish waters all year round. There may be instances when nets are temporarily banned by the Committee. If this is the case, a notice will be erected at the fishery and details put on the website. To avoid undue stress, please release fish from keepnets at least every 5 hours.

2. Carp of any size must not be kept in keepnets unless caught in a bona fide match, when they may be retained in carp friendly keepnets, but they must be returned to the water immediately after weighing.

3. For the fish’s benefit, a carp care kit must be carried and used by anglers when fishing for carp.

4. The use of either a large unhooking mat (minimum 50mm thickness) or cradle is compulsory when fishing for carp.

5. All Bradford City AA fisheries are Catch and Release, including pike under 5lb.

6. Only nuts which have been commercially prepared for fishing are allowed.

7. Bait boats are allowed in the immediate swim only. They are not allowed to be used in too snaggy areas or to bait up excessive amounts of feed, and should be used in a fish friendly way.

8. No meat tins or sweetcorn tins are to be taken onto the banking.


Brown Trout
The Brown Trout season is from 25th March until 30th September inclusive on all our waters, except for Skir Beck and the River Ribble, where the season is from 15th March to 30th September inclusive.

1. Members may fish with one rod and line only.

2. Trout must not be placed in keepnets on any of our waters.

3. All BCAA fisheries are fully Catch and Release..

Salmon and Sea-Trout (River Ribble)
The Salmon season is from 1st February to 31st October inclusive.
The Sea Trout season is from 1st April until 30th September inclusive.
Due to pressures on salmon and sea-trout populations, all Salmon and Sea Trout caught on BCAA fisheries MUST be released alive immediately after landing.

1. Members may fish with one rod and line only.

2. No salmon or sea trout to be placed in keepnets.

3. Shrimps and prawns may only be used after 16th June.

4. All catches of salmon and sea trout are to be reported to the General Secretary, with full details.

5. Landing nets are to be carried at all times on all BCAA waters.