River Aire – Gargrave/Broughton

Special Rules for this fishery:

  1. Fishing is with one rod, FLY ONLY from 25 March to 31 October each year.
  2. Trotting with worm or fly fishing may be used for grayling fishing from 1 November to the following 14 March (inclusive), but no ledgering with worm is allowed at any time.
  3. No angler may start fishing in front of an angler already fishing, without his permission.
  4. Landing nets must be carried, and no keepnets may be used at any time.
  5. When walking the fishery, please keep to the river bank, use stiles/gates close all gates and report to the Fly Secretary any damage to walls, fences or other installations which you see.


Online Google Maps link:  BCAA Gargrave/Broughton fishery

Nearest Postcodes:
BD23 3RZ (Parking at upstream end of fishery)
BD23 3AA (Niffany Farm – 1km east along A6069 to Skipton) (Parking at downstream end of fishery)


From the Gargrave end:
Park on Mill Lane for the stepping stones. There is occasionally room to park at the bottom of Church Lane next to the green and before the track enters Whitelock’s Farm.

For the Broughton end:
Park by the side of the road at Inghey Bridge or on the bridge itself on either side of the metal 5-bar gate giving access upstream. DO NOT restrict access to the fields on each side by parking across the gates or opposite the metal gate mentioned above. Large farm machinery will require sufficient space to manoeuvre.


At Gargrave (to access the right bank):
From Mill Lane by Gargrave Green, cross the river by the stepping stones and walk down to the top limit.

At the Broughton end (to access the left bank):
From the old road bridge at Inghey enter upstream or downstream via the locked gates. Note that members will need to use the combination which is on the reverse of your members card. This code will change annually.

NO PARKING is allowed in either field. The Association does make special arrangements with the farmer for events. If in doubt, please check with the Fly Secretary.

If entering the fishery downstream of the bridge, DO NOT cross the field, keep to the riverside.

At Highgate Swing Bridge (Parking Permit to be shown)

  1. Parking is available on the RH side of the track before crossing the canal (‘what-three-words’ reference is :orders.flown.consented)
  2. Parking is limited to three vehicles. If you find that the parking contains three vehicles please return to the access points at either end of the fishery (Gargrave or Inghey Bridge). The farmer will be monitoring this and any infringement may mean that our access is removed.
  3. Members must display their name and membership number on the vehicles dashboard. The Association has developed a Members Parking Permit for members to compete which can be downloaded and printed from here:  Member Parking Permit. As a minimum members must show name and membership number of the dashboard of their vehicle.
  4. To access the fishery:
    • Cross the canal and go through the gate. Please make sure that the gate is closed after entry or when you are leaving.
    • Follow the fence line to the right down to the river which will bring you to the river above the Deadeye pool. DO NOT cross the field directly.


The river level at Gargrave High Street . Note that this is a new gauge (installed around April 2022) following the collapse of the weir at Gargrave so the levels will vary from previous readings.


  • Brown trout
  • Grayling

Brief description of fishery:

Game fishery with trout and grayling on both banks of the upper Aire stretching from Gargrave village to below Inghey Bridge near the A59. As with all BCAA waters, this is strictly a Catch & Release fishery to preserve the wild genetic stock. Only barbless hooks, or hooks where the barb has been crushed, may be used at this fishery. A considerable amount of time & resource has been put into improving the habitat within the channel and along the banks – see below.

The Aire is a productive river due to it’s limestone geology in the upper catchment and so there is plenty of food for the fish. It is also clear water, so stealth and a good presentation is required to make the most of the fishery. There are good numbers of mayflies, sedges, and stoneflies scattered throughout the year, as well as some terrestrial falls from hawthorns, black gnats, and aphids.

Catch returns
After fishing please complete on-line Catch Returns for this water, it’s easy and helps with fishery development. Catch return input can also be done via the members section.

Right bank (facing downstream): Top limit is about 50m above a former weir at Gargrave (removed in 2023 – see limit sign). Bottom limit is at the railway bridge over the river, about 400m upstream of the A59 road bridge.

Left bank (facing downstream): Top limit is by the entry to the fishery by Highgate Farm, about 1000m downstream of Gargrave. Bottom limit is at the end of the first field downstream of the old road bridge (Inghey Bridge).

Open for fishing:

25th March to the following 14th March (see Special rules for further details)

Further information:
Prof Jon Grey of the Wild Trout Trust (and a BCAA General Committee member) undertook an Advisory Visit on this length in early 2016, and a copy of his AV report can be seen here.
Former Fly Secretary, Phillip Bailey, produced a Guide to the R Aire at Gargrave/Broughton which maps and describes individual pools in the fishery, and provides tips and information which anglers might find useful when fishing this beat.