Laneshaw Reservoir (Reciprocal with Colne Water AC)

Laneshaw Reservoir (Reciprocal with Colne Water AC)

Brief description of fishery:
Laneshaw Reservoir
Located on Reedshaw Moss on the Colne to Keighley Road, high on the moor Laneshaw is surrounded by beautiful views across the Borough of Pendle. The reservoir is a peaty water of approximately 16 acres offering fishing most of the way round, with banks and dam wall offering the angler very good accessibility. A borehole of more PH-balanced water feeds in at the neck end, so that the reservoir holds an amazing variety of fly life. However – dependant on ever changing moods – the water can be either frustratingly challenging to fish or an absolute anglers’ paradise, with fish chasing every fly dropped on the water. Rainbow trout are regularly stocked throughout the season.

Open for fishing:
25th March to 30th September (CWAC Members all year round)
NOTE: Fishing can be stopped when waters are low.

Special rules for fishery:

Both fisheries are strictly Catch & return for BCAA members.
Bradford City AA has a reciprocal arrangement for BCAA members to fish on two stillwaters managed by the Colne Water Angling Club (CWAC), subject to a maximum of 5 Day Tickets per day.
Members are limited to four permits per season.
To get a Day Ticket from the online shop
Anglers must pay for the day ticket before fishing. When booking via the on-line shop, an email will details all the rules of the fishery, will be sent to you and this acts as both permit and receipt of payment.
When fishing, all BCAA anglers must produce evidence of their booking plus their BCAA membership book, on request.
Other remarks:

Online google maps link: Laneshaw Reservoir (CWAC)    and Churn Clough (CWAC)


Nearest postcode:
BD22 0BX (Keighley Road, Cowling) (4km east of the entrance to the fishery)

Parking requirements must be strictly adhered to. Please park in the area designated for parking.