River Aire - Carleton

Brief description of fishery:
This mainly game water extends for ~1600m on the right hand bank. The top limit is at Carleton Beck/Heslaker Lane, and the bottom limit at Carleton Bridge. The river is more incised here with steep banks in places so care should be taken, especially in the wet. However, there are numerous access points for wading with plenty of streamy runs culminating in deeper pools, and the water crowfoot grow provides good cover and food for fish. As with all BCAA waters, this is strictly a Catch & Release fishery. Only barbless or de-barbed flies may be used.
Catch returns:
After fishing please complete on-line Catch Returns for this water, it’s easy and helps with fishery development. Catch return input can also be done via the members section. Catch & Release only
Open for fishing:
25th March to the following 14th March.
There are no Special Rules for this fishery:
Other remarks:
Please note that this water is in three adjacent sections. All three sections may be fished by any member of either Bradford City AA or Skipton AA, under a joint arrangement between the clubs. All anglers are required to show their yearbooks, when asked, to another member or official from either club.
Section 1: from the footbridge over Carleton Beck, downstream to the footbridge across the River Aire – about 400m of fishing. This section is owned by Bradford City AA.
Section 2: from the bottom of Section 1, downstream for two fields – about 800m of fishing. This water is owned by Skipton AA.
Section 3: from the bottom of section 2, downstream for one field to Carleton Bridge – about 400m of fishing. This section is owned by Bradford City AA.


Online Google Maps link:  BCAA Carleton fishery

Cars can be pulled off the road at the Heslaker Lane end of the water, and on Pale Lane just south of its junction with the main road at Carleton Bridge.

Access can be gained from Carleton Bridge, Heslaker Lane or from the footpath off Heslaker Lane, about 400m south of where it crosses Carleton Beck.


Water levels:
Level gauges at Snaygill (Skipton) and Gargrave,
NOTE: Levels will be influenced by inflows from Eshton & Broughton Becks.



  • Brown trout
  • Grayling
  • Chub
  • Pike