River Aire – Steeton

River Aire – Steeton

Brief description of fishery:
Mixed fishery but predominantly brown trout and grayling. The fishery extends to ~1600m on the right hand bank. The top limit is Steeton Beck, just upstream of Silsden Bridge, and the lower limit at the end of the fifth field below Silsden Bridge – see limit sign.
Open for fishing:
25th March to the following 14th March.
Catch returns:
After fishing please complete on-line Catch Returns for this water, it’s easy and helps with fishery development. Catch return input can also be done via the members section.
Special Rules for this fishery:
1. Access to the fishery is allowed using public footpaths.


Online Google Maps link:  BCAA Steeton fishery

Nearest postcodes:
BD20 6SA (Steeton Railway Station) (850m to the west of the parking on the A629, by the public footpath entrance to the fishery)
BD21 3NJ (Halfords, Keighley) (3.4km to the south of the parking on the opposite carriageway of the A629)

Parking is available in the pull-in a few yards south of the bridge. Beware when pulling in as surface can be uneven.

Upstream go through the stile in the fence on the left below the parking area. Downstream cross the main road with care and go over the stile by the metal gate next to the manure heaps. Parking is not allowed beyond this gate.


Water levels:
Level gauge  at Kildwick, (about one mile upstream of this fishery)



  • Brown trout
  • Grayling
  • Chub
  • Barbel
  • Pike