River Swale & Cod Beck – Topcliffe

River Swale & Cod Beck - Topcliffe

Brief description of fishery:
This premier barbel and chub fishery comprises 1800m left bank of the River Swale.  Cod Beck fishing comprises 1200m on the right bank, and 1900m on the left bank, above the point where Cod Beck meets the main river.
The Swale averages 30-40m wide and is deep in many places.  Much of the length carries good flows, with faster and shallower water below Asenby island and just upstream of where Cod Beck flows in. There is good tree cover, but many access points and swims.
Cod Beck is much smaller, rarely more than 10m wide. Much of the length is slower water, with some pool-riffle stretches in the upper half of the length. There is good bank access to the water
Open for fishing:
25th March to the following 14th March.
Special Rules for this fishery:
Night fishing allowed ONLY from the upstream limit, to the end of the third field downstream of the A168 road bridge.
Other remarks:
Anglers may night-fish without booking a swim or paying an additional fee, but only per the Special Rules for this fishery and only as per the Special Rules stated above.”
No camping allowed in Winn Lane


Online Google Maps link:   BCAA Topcliffe & Cod Beck fishery

Nearest postcode:
YO7 3RP (Winn Lane, Topcliffe)
YO7 3JL (Topcliffe Manor Farm)

For fishing the River Swale, park at the end of the tarmac on Winn Lane to access the upstream end of the length. Continue down Winn Lane and park by the gate at the bottom, to access the downstream end of the length.
For Cod Beck fishing, park in the layby of the private house drive, immediately east of Dalton Bridge. No parking at Topcliffe Manor Farm.

Via stiles from Winn Lane (for River Swale).
Via the stile opposite the parking at Dalton Bridge (for Cod Beck).


Water levels:
Nearest river level gauges are:
Maunby (17km upstream from this fishery
Crakehill (5km downstream from this fishery).




  • Barbel
  • Chub
  • Perch
  • Salmon
  • Brown Trout (Cod Beck)
  • Grayling (Cod Beck)