River Ure – Aysgarth right bank

River Ure - Aysgarth right bank

Brief description of fishery:
Game fishery stretching about 4400 metres on the right bank.
The top limit is about 700 metres (two fields) upstream of the stepping stones where the footpath to Woodhall crosses the river. The length extends downstream to the limit sign near the Iron Footbridge, about one mile west of Aysgarth village.
Open for fishing:
 25th March to the following 14th March.
Special Rules for this fishery:
1. Anglers are allowed to fish with one rod only.
2. Anglers must use barbless or de-barbed hooks.
3. No spinning is allowed from 1st October to the following 24th March, inclusive (in the close season for trout).
5. No keepnets are allowed at any time.
Other remarks
Online map link:
Nearest postcode:
DL8 3AS (Throstle Nest Farm) (about 1.1km east of the “Blue Bridge” downstream limit)
Either at the side of the A684 – park tidily and safely – or at the layby next to the Iron Bridge.
Entrance to this fishing is either:
– from the footpath which crosses the river at the stepping stones towards the top end of the stretch
– from the 2 points on the A684 close to Throstle Nest Farm
– or by the Iron Bridge one mile west of Aysgarth


Water levels:
Level gauge at Bainbridge about 2 miles upstream.