River Wharfe - Arthington

Brief description of fishery:

This fishery was acquired in September 2021, and offers around 1600m of mixed game and course fishing mainly for trout and grayling on a lowland section of the River Wharfe. As with all BCAA waters, this is strictly a Catch & Release fishery. Only barbless or de-barbed flies may be used. The river is about 40m wide, well-lined with trees in many parts and fairly slow-moving in its lower reaches.  In the upper part of the beat is a good deal of streamy water offering nymphing opportunities.  The beat also offers good evening dry-fly fishing in summer and opportunities to trot a worm for established grayling populations in the autumn and winter.

Open for fishing:
 25th March to the following 14th March.

Catch returns:
After fishing please complete on-line Catch Returns for this water, it’s easy and helps with fishery development. Catch return input can also be done via the members section.

Other Remarks

This fishery has some Japanese Knotweed present.  Please take especial care to clean footwear and not transport ANY plant material away from the river bank.

There are no Special Rules for this fishery:


Water levels:

Level gauge at Arthington.


  • Brown trout
  • Chub


Online Google Maps link:  BCAA Arthington fishery

Nearest postcode:
LS21 1NY (Warren House – private residence)


Turn into Warren Lane from the A658 Arthington Lane, and drive carefully to the end of the lane. Park at the end of Warren Lane under the viaduct. There is only space for 4 vehicles which is shared with the public. DO NOT park in front of farm and STW access points and  ensure that you are clear of No Standing signage. Leeds City Council actively patrol the Lane and will issue fines to any vehicle not within the parking area at the top of the Lane.


Access to the downstream end of the fishery is via pedestrian access from the end of Warren Lane.