Staveley Lakes

Brief description of fishery:
Staveley Lakes are situated about 5 miles north of Knaresborough.
The fishery consists of two lakes – a small lake of about 1 acre, and a large lake of about 2.6 acres. It is well stocked with a mixture of coarse fish species.
An otter fence was constructed round each lake in 2015, with the aid of a grant from the Environment Agency.
Open for fishing:
This Fishery is open all year round.
Special Rules for this fishery:
1. Spinning is allowed ONLY on the large lake.
2. Two rods may be used in the Large Lake ONLY. Both rods must be used in the same swim.
3. Night fishing for up to 6 anglers per night is allowed only on the Large Lake, in designated swims ONLY.
4. Entry and exit to/from the Fishery is to be made only by the proper entries and the gate must be kept locked at all other times.
5. All gates must be shut immediately after use, even if other anglers are fishing.
6. Any breaches of rules will be reported to the General Committee, which may decide on punitive action.
Other remarks
Keepnets may be used by anglers.
The gates to the fishery are both locked and can be opened using the standard BCAA key.
It is likely that there will be occasional working parties at this fishery. Details will be posted on this website and at the fishery beforehand.



  • Mirror Carp
  • Perch
  • Pike
  • Roach
  • Tench
  • Ide


Online Google Maps link:   BCAA Staveley Lakes fishery

Nearest postcode:
HG5 9LD (Main Street, Staveley Village) (700m east of the fishery entrance)

Vehicles can be parked alongside fence of the large lake adjacent to River Tutt, and in the car park of the small lake. Anglers must park their cars within the fishery,  for safety reasons.”.

Via the relevant gate (one for each lake) directly off Wath Lane.

Entry and exit to/from the Fishery is to be made only by the main gate, which must be locked both after entry to, and exit from, the Fishery.

A combination code is required to gain entry to this fishery. Members can access the code from the rear of their membership card or within their personal membership section on the website. The code will be changed annually so please check.