River Ure - Worton Bridge

Brief description of fishery:
This is primarily a game fishery with good populations of brown trout and grayling. As with all BCAA waters, this is strictly a Catch & Release water, and flies must be barbless or have had the barb crushed.  BCAA has two lengths on this water – one on the left bank and one on the right bank:
Right Bank – Top Limit ~800m upstream of the bridge; bottom limit at the weir about ~800m below the bridge.
Left Bank – Top limit at Paddock Beck; bottom limit ¼ mile upstream of bridge.
Open for fishing:
25th March to the following 14th March.
Catch returns:
After fishing please complete on-line Catch Returns for this water, it’s easy and helps with fishery development. Catch return input can also be done via the members section.
Further information:
Prof Jon Grey of the Wild Trout Trust (and a BCAA General Committee member) undertook an Advisory Visit on this length in early 2017, and a copy of his AV report can be seen here.
Former Fly Secretary, Phillip Bailey, has produced a Guide to the R Ure at Aysgarth and Worton which maps and describes individual pools in the fishery, and provides tips and information which anglers might find useful when fishing this length.
Special Rules for this fishery:
1. Fly fishing only from March 25th to September 30th.
2. Fly and trotted worm only from October 1st until March 14th. No other baits allowed.
3. No digging for worms on the river bank. 


Online Google Maps link:  BCAA Worton Bridge  fishery

Nearest postcode:
DL8 3ET (Worton Village) (about 200m from access to the fishing at Worton Bridge)

There is some space on the north side of Worton Bridge and in the layby north of Worton Village.
Parking also available at the side of the A684 adjacent to the pedestrian access by Brush House.

Access is via field gates by the bridge and a public footpath off the A684 adjacent to Brush House.


Water levels:
Level gauge at Bainbridge, about a mile upstream.


  • Brown trout
  • Grayling