Club News

New Parking and Access – R. Aire Gargrave Beat

The Fly Sub-committee has negotiated new car parking and access to the middle section of the Gargrave beat on the R. Aire. This is at the Highgate Swing Bridge. You can find it on the beat map here:

Members can park on the lane that accesses the old barn above the Deadeye pool. Parking is limited to three vehicles only at any one time.

The rules for using the parking and access are:

  1. Parking is available on the RH side of the track before crossing the canal (‘what-three-words’ reference is :orders.flown.consented)
  2. Parking is limited to three vehicles. If you find that the parking contains three vehicles please journey to the access points at either end of the fishery (Gargrave or Inghey Bridge). The farmer will monitor this, and any infringement may mean access is removed.
  3. Members must display their name and membership number on the vehicle’s dashboard. The Association has developed a Members Parking Permit for members to compete which can be downloaded and printed from here:
  4. To access the fishery:
    • Cross the canal and go through the gate. Please make sure that the gate is closed after entry or when you are leaving.
    • Follow the fence line to the right down to the river which will bring you to the river above the Deadeye pool. Please refrain from crossing the field.

The map will be updated shortly.