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Game Water Closure

The Fly Sub-committee asks members to refrain from fishing Game Waters until further notice. These are listed under Game Waters.

We nave been monitoring water temperatures over the past week and the decision has been taken to close the fisheries. We will continue to monitor temperatures and as soon as it drops down to safer levels for fish they will be re-opened.

You may have seen reports of a fish kill on the R,Aire this week. There was nothing sinister about this. The combination of high water temperature along the Cononley beat, depleted oxygen levels and thunderstorms which potentially dropped the oxygen levels further, was the probable cause. There have been other fisheries in England suffering the same thing.

This incident highlights the stressful conditions to fish and demonstrates the need for anglers to help preserve fish stocks.

Thank your for your patience, we will advise an update as soon as water conditions change for the better.

Philip Bailey – Fly Secretary