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BCAA arranges discount with Barbless Flies online shop

Barbless Flies and BCAA logos together

We are pleased to announce that BCAA now has a discount arrangement with the excellent online shop Barbless Flies. They stock an extensive range of both river and still water patterns (dry, wet and nymphs) all, as the name implies, on barbless hooks and at a very reasonable price. That price is even more reasonable for our members because you can now get a 10% discount by quoting a discount code. Richard at Barbless Flies has asked that this code be limited to members only, as this post if public we will email you with the code, if you don’t receive the email today or tomorrow please contact the Fly Secretary but please check your junk folder first.

This discount arrangement is particularly appropriate as barbless hooks are mandatory on all our game waters.

We notice that Barbless Flies also now has a “proper” shop, so if you are ever in Scarborough area drop in to see them at:

3 The Hillyard
North Yorkshire
YO13 9BP

We hope that Richard will keep us up to date on new flies in stock from time to time, we will be sure to let you know.

Jingler dry fly
A Jingler from Barbless Flies. A great early season fly.