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Start of season catch return report 2022

Big trout

Thanks to those members who have been filling in the online catch return forms and including those (unfortunate) blanks. It really does make a difference! We’re starting to build a picture of how the rivers are performing and how often the beats are being fished. Of course there are lots of caveats which we have covered briefly in a previous blog, here.

This is just a brief update after (roughly) the first month of the trout season, and since Jan 1st for grayling returns. I’ve not done an in-depth analysis of catch per unit effort etc

The headlines are that around 135 trout have been caught, and 128 grayling. The Aire remains a firm favourite, accounting for ~2/3 of the trout, and the majority of specimen fish. But good sport has been had on the Ure and the lower Wharfe beats. The latter is unsurprising given the generally low flow conditions we’ve experienced for most of the season at Hubberholme & Buckden. Unfortunately, reports from the Ribble are a tad thin on the ground. It’s good to see reasonable numbers of smaller (<8”) trout being caught